Reading in BibleOn
is reading your Bible your way

Whether you want a distraction free reader’s edition or a journaling bible with extra material for in-depth study. Or you can have something in between.

Premium digital Bible

Our goal in building BibleOn was to make a satisfying digital alternative to the premium print Bible – an area in which we as graphic designers and typesetters of award-winning Bibles have great experience and knowledge.

Selected features

BibleOn has way more to offer than a highly customizable and typographically pleasing reading experience:


Fast and customizable navigation (Grid or scrolling, by book and chapter or book and section heading)

Text search

Simple as well as advanced syntax full text search of Bible texts

Comments and favorites

User comments and favorites, highlighted in the text (both organizable in color-coded folders)

Comparing texts

Quickly compare any Bible text passage with other Bibles

Extra material

Toggle for showing/hiding access to extra material (book introductions, translation notes, cross-references …)


Choose between different color themes

Reading views

Unlimited amount of configurable reading views for reading a single Bible, reading two Bibles in parallel, daily reading material and reading a Bible with study material

Text settings

Adjust text settings for each reading view individually (typeface, text size, hyphenations, show/hide chapter and verse numbers, versified/paragraphed text, coloring words of Jesus, hanging verse numbers in poetry)


Download section with a continually evolving library of Bibles and extra material: illustration sets, typefaces, reading plans, devotionals, study material

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